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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, August 13, 2020 – Milwaukee, WI- Having completed his highly praised wildlife mural sponsored by the Harbor District BID 51 two days early, internationally celebrated muralist Justin Suarez, aka “Aerosol Kingdom” is now painting a Great Horned Owl on Historic Villard Avenue to kick off Visual Vibes on Villard; a mural revitalization initiative taking place this summer.  

A few days before completing his highly publicized and much admired wildlife mural “Current Events” in the fifth ward, Suarez reached out to Stacey Williams-Ng, Owner and Executive Director of Wallpapered City, the company who has managed his time in Milwaukee, to see if there were any other walls he could work on in the few days he had left. Williams-Ng connected Suarez to Angelique Sharpe, Manager of The City of Milwaukee Business Improvement District #19 to see if Suarez could create a mural to kick off Visual Vibes on Villard.

“There’s been so much disinvestment in the area for the past few decades. Art like this is almost non-existent on this side of town. All I can think of is all the babies at the schools and daycares in the area”. – Angelique L. Sharpe, Manager of the City of Milwaukee BID 19

“This is the type of place I feel best about making art. It means a great deal to know it will be appreciated by so many!” – Justin Suarez, aka “Aerosol Kingdom”

Suarez, has a unique and personal perspective on the animal he paints, and has spent the past seven years volunteering at Wild Wings, a not-for-profit educational organization that houses and cares for permanently injured birds of prey in his hometown of Rochester, New York.   

Mural Location: 5268 N. 35th St, Milwaukee

About the Revitalization Project:

The Villard Avenue Business Improvement District #19 “Visual Vibes on Villard” is a new large-scale mural arts project to be installed this summer on Historic Villard Avenue that aims to celebrate the creativity, talent, and pride of the Villard community by partnering with local artists to showcase murals to be placed on Villard Avenue buildings.