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Milwaukee Magazine Article: “Mural Authority”

Perched in a lift nine stories above the foundation of the P.H. Dye House in the Third Ward, the internationally acclaimed German artist Case Maclaim looks completely relaxed. He dips his brush into a bucket of paint as casually as commuters far below him might dip doughnuts into their morning coffee.

Maclaim, whose given name is Andreas Von Chrzanowski, had planned to spend the week painting in Moscow before jetting to Sicily, then to Paris and Mexico City for work. But after hearing from Stacey WilliamsNg, he chose to devote his talents to Milwaukee instead.

WilliamsNg, an acclaimed muralist in her own right, has gotten pretty good at brokering deals between artists like Maclaim and city officials. In recent years, she’s helped realize dozens of large scale public art projects through her creative agency, Wallpapered City.