The Black Cat Alley is Milwaukee’s newest arts destination, located in a private alley on the East Side. Made possible by Wallpapered City and sponsored by the neighborhood BID, it contains 14 murals by 16 artists in just one city block.

The Black Cat Alley is a three-year project sponsored by the East Side BID (Business Improvement District) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This project was the brainchild of local citizens and because of Wallpapered City and a group of volunteers, the neighborhood BID was able to summon the resources needed to imagine, fund and install this new Milwaukee arts destination.

In 2016, its first year, the neighborhood took an alley located on private land and successfully installed 14 murals by 16 artists in a one-block space. The alley, once a dark and nameless place to be avoided, is now a brightly-lit destination with artworks for all people to enjoy year-round. The Black Cat Alley was visited by nearly 4,000 people in September 2016, the month of its installation, and featured on all major media outlets in the city. The future is bright for the Black Cat Alley as we look to even larger installations in 2017 and beyond.

  • Installation of 14 beautiful murals by 16 artists. High levels of volunteerism.
  • Successful fund-raising of over $43,000 plus approx $7,000 in in-kind donations.
  • 20+ corporate sponsors including Roundy’s, Educator’s Credit Union, Colectivo, the Milwaukee Arts Board, and more
  • News coverage by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, The Shepherd Express, The Milwaukee Record,, The Milwaukee Independent, WUWM news radio, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee “Community Stories,” Wisconsin Public Radio (Madison), Wisconsin MPTV documentary, CBS 58 (TV news), Fox 6 (TV news), TMJ4 (TV news), others
  • Inclusion of Black Cat Alley as a destination for Doors Open Milwaukee, which attracted nearly 4,000 guests, and earned us a prime spotlight in the Official Doors Open report, which was delivered city-wide.
  • BCA was in fact the 7th-most visited site for Doors Open, which earned us a listing in their Top Ten List. We were visited by more people than the Pabst Theater, the Basilica, the Milwaukee Art Museum and more.
  • Google Analytics shows over 25,000 unique site visitors to as of Dec 1, 2016 (27,652)
  • Over 2,000 Facebook followers (2,111 as of Dec 1, 2016)
  • Over 1,000 Instagram followers (1,013 as of Dec 1, 2016)
  • Featured as an official city destination by the Mayor’s office and by VISIT Milwaukee, who have included in 2017 Tourism Materials
  • Fun facts: At least 5 couples have had wedding pictures taken there, and we are aware of 2 music videos. A local yoga facility holds classes in the alley when the weather is nice. Selfies have been spotted all over the Internet, and international urban art sites have re-posted and followed our profiles. OnMilwaukee made a series of “locamoji” (Milwaukee-themed emojis like beer, the bronze Fonz, etc) and our giant frog was given its own symbol!

Find out how Wallpapered City helped one neighborhood install 14 murals in just 2 weeks, creating Milwaukee’s hottest new tourist destination.