In 2017 the Kinnickinnic BID in Bay View (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) decided to set aside funds from a street enhancement grant for a multi-mural project. They chose Wallpapered City to lead the charge.

The KK BID came to Wallpapered City with an idea to install monumental murals all along the Kinnickinnic Avenue corridor. Armed with a promise of “free murals” and a vision for beautifying the city of Bay View, our team went door to door to meet with local businesses and ask permission to use their walls. We were met with great enthusiasm, and it wasn’t long before five businesses had granted us permission to use their buildings as canvases. Now there are five murals, all created by local female artists, along KK Avenue.

Locations of the Street Canvas: Mr. P’s Tires (2366 S. Howell), Shape Up Shoppe (2697 S. Kinnickinnic), Rusty Sprocket Antiques (3383-3391 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.), District 14 Brewery & Pub (2273 S. Howell Ave.), LuLu Café & Bar (2265 S. Howell).

  • Dena Nord: Mr. P’s Tires
  • Jenny Anderson: The Shape Up Shoppe
  • Nova Czarnecki: Rusty Sprocket Café and Antiques
  • D14 Brewery: Rozalia Hernandez-Singh
  • Lulu Café & Bar: Jenny Jo Kristan