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Street art is one of the most powerful forms of contemporary art, worldwide.

The Chicago “Big Walls” Project

Recently attended the “Artists’ Confab” in Chicago for the Big Walls Project, a huge street art initiative headed up by Columbia College. These are some of the things I learned. Mark Kelly, of Columbia College, is the program director and the visionary behind the...

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Chalk Art: the Ephemeral Cousin of Mural Art

I first became aware of the artistry of outdoor murals when I started participating as a street painter in chalk art festivals. The term street painter does not refer to muralists... it quite literally refers to those of us who paint the street itself, eg the asphalt....

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Basic copyright issues in outdoor mural projects

One of the most urgent questions our clients have for us at the beginning of a project is ownership. Next to cost, this is perhaps the most immediate concern. Other questions that seem unrelated—how long should I keep the mural up? Are people allowed to photograph it?...

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